We will be holding our club's AGM on Sunday 13th October at 1pm at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club. The meeting is open to all (although not appropriate for children to attend) and we will be nominating the new EBVNC Committee.

Our obligation at the AGM is to nominate for the Executive Committee. This represents the 5 positions of:

President - Nomination received
Vice President - Position open
Treasurer - Nomination received
Secretary - Nomination received
Membership - Nomination received

All other positions form the sub committee and interested members are invited to express their interest at the AGM. These positions are as follows:

Seniors Coordinator - Nomination received
NetSetGo Coordinator - Position Open
Coaching Coordinator - Nomination received
Managers Coordinator - Nomination received
Sponsorship Manager - Position open
Communications Coordinator - Nomination received
Events Coordinator - Nomination received
Volunteer Coordinator - Position Open
Equipment Coordinator - Nomination received
CDNA Representative - Position Open

If you wish to attend, please RSVP to ebvnc@outlook.com ASAP.


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